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Episode 15

Coming Next Week! The Green Gold Rush: Venture Capital is Flowing Into Climate

with Justin Stevens of Overlap Holdings

Episode 14

Sustainable Shelters: Navigating the Environmental Consequences of Our Homes

with Jonas Jonsson of Stellar Holdings

Episode 13

Green House Gas eating Organisms Could be a Plastics Alternative

with Mark Herrema of Newlight Technologies

Episode 12

The True Cost of Your T-Shirt

with Jeremy Lott of SanMar

Episode 11

The Quest for Enough Lithium

with Teague Baldwin of EnergyX

Episode 10

Recycling Robots to the Rescue

with Rebecca Hu of Glacier Robotics

Episode 6

Decarbonizing Our Supply Chain

with Tyler Cole

Episode 5

100% Recycled Clothing. Top Brands Experimenting

with Stacy Flynn of Evrnu

Episode 4

How Green Are Your Undies?

with Cayla O’Connell of Knickey

Episode 3

Reusable Containers for Last Mile Food Delivery

with Lindsey Hoell of Dispatch Goods

Episode 2

Innovations in Sustainable Waste Management

with Ryan Metzger of Ridwell

Episode 1

The Ecological Footprint of Our Digital Lives

with Andrew Shute from Friendly Earth

Why StuffTV?

I’m Nick Huzar, the cofounder of OfferUp, the largest local mobile marketplace in the U.S.

On a monthly basis, I would watch billions of dollars worth of second hand goods exchange hands through

the marketplace we started over a decade ago in 2011. This has led me to seek answers to questions about

how my very existence impacts our planet. I think we all wonder this to various degrees.

If you look out the window you can watch the effects of global warming take shape in front of us.

There are many things people can do to make an impact but the problem seems complex and insurmountable.

Many feel hopeless and don’t know where to turn. While there are multiple causes for global warming,

“stuff” and everything associated with stuff is by far the largest contributor to global warming

accounting for over 30% of the 50 billion tons of CO2 released into our atmosphere annually.

I feel a deep connection to this problem and decided to do something about it. was created

as a way to enlighten people and suggest simple actions we can all take to help drive

down our own CO2 emissions. Together, we can make an impact.

The Mission 

To make a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions

(specifically CO2) via enlightenment and action.

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